Friday, January 10, 2014

Big weekend ahead!

I'm doing a little happy dance this evening. This weekend is going to be full of food, fun and family time.

I've planned more bagel baking for tomorrow, and I'll be experimenting with some new flavors. Currently, I only do "plain" bagels topped with the basic things like sesame seeds, poppy seeds, sea salt, and a combination of all of the above plus onion and a touch of garlic. But due to popular demand I'll be trying out cinnamon swirl, blueberry, and cheese tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

I'm also thinking about trying out another Martha recipe tomorrow; I just can decide which one. Should I go with baguette or croissant? Hmmmm...decisions, decisions.

Baking gives me joy. I don't know why; it just always has seemed to make me happy. It might be because of the instant gratification - of being able to immediately see and taste the results of my efforts. It might be the feeling of raw bread or pastry in my fingers - there is nothing like pounding a piece of dough into submission to really work out any frustrations. It might be because it stimulates the creative side of my brain - I don't have the artistic talents of my dad or grandmother or cousin when it comes to drawing or painting or design, but I can take simple ingredients like flour, water, eggs, and yeast, and use them to create something wholesome and beautiful. I can step back after a couple of hours and say, "I did that. I made that myself, and it is beautiful."

The other thing that has me jazzed is pork. Yes, pork. Tomorrow we'll be heading up the highway to Haubstadt, Ind., to visit processor Dewig Meats and pick up the half hog we ordered after Christmas - a present from the Big Guy's parents. By tomorrow afternoon our deep freeze will be packed with about 90 pounds of piggy goodness. So excited! While we're up there I plan on cruising the whole store and picking up some other yummy treats - like cheddar Polish sausage. So good. These folks know their sausage.

The third thing on my agenda - though not third in importance by any means - is some quality time with the Big Guy and the puppy-dooders. After the week we've both had, nothing sounds better than doing a little shopping, turning up the tunes and baking (and dancing around each other in the kitchen) all day, then enjoying some cuddle time and a nap while the rain comes down. Hallelujah, by the way, for RAIN and not SNOW or ICE. Ugh. That was some cold snap earlier this week.

Another post to come in a couple of days with pictures of our Dewig discoveries and baking adventures. Ta-ta for now! photo credit: Neal. via photopin cc

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