Friday, August 9, 2013

Freezer cooking adventure starts now!

I'm absolutely giddy with excitement right now. I love starting a new project. It's the follow-through I usually have trouble with - which is why it's taken me years to finally start this blog. But when I have cohorts, I have a better chance at success. So, tomorrow morning, a couple of ladies are coming over to have our first freezer cooking planning session! The planning nerd in me has been fapping nonstop for two days.

TMI? Sorry, you'll have to get used to it on this blog. That's how I roll.

The timing of this whole initiative is just perfect. It dovetails so well with the beginning of my blog and gives me more fuel for posts. And I didn't even plan it this way. It's just kismet. My old high school nemesis (now grown-up friend) Christina posted on Facebook earlier this week about how tight her family's budget is and that she would like to get her family living more frugally but also be healthier and shop more locally. One of the best ways you can control what your family eats while also being budget-minded is to do freezer cooking - cooking large batches of a few meals and freezing them to cook or reheat later for easy weeknight meals. And it gets even better when you go about it with friends - greater variety of meals, much-needed girl time, larger quantities often mean smaller cost per meal, and so on.

I'll be keeping track of our progress right here and sharing it with all of you. Fingers crossed I remember to bring my camera to our first cooking session next weekend!

In the meantime, if you want to learn more about freezer cooking too, Pinterest has a ton of resources. has a lot of great resources, plus I invested in a couple of books I found on Amazon that were highly rated.

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