Monday, August 12, 2013

Taking off the training wheels

It's official! I'm live and worldwide!

Just changed the settings on my blog to viewable by everyone. Yikers. It took a lot of talking myself into it, but I've finally done it. Now we'll see if I can deal with the haters who I hear are so prevalent in the blogosphere.

Since this is my first post since going live, I've got to give props to a couple of people. A friend of a friend - who is a social media consultant/guru and blogger extraordinaire - lit a fire under me a couple of years ago to get serious about blogging this time. Then I just had to find the time to devote to it.

Now that I've carved out a little time to do this, I needed a name. I went through a few different blog names and urls and was really struggling with what to call my new creation. Nothing felt right. So I turned to my Sista From Another Mista, Rachel, who is a very creative and wordy person, and she nailed it with only her second or third suggestion. My friends always joke about my undiagnosed OCD - especially in the kitchen - so her suggestion of Obsessive Cooking Disorder just seemed perfect.

So I'm now taking the training wheels off my shiny new bike. I hope you enjoy it. Please don't run over it with your giant SUV or steal my nifty basket. Thank you.



  1. How dumb to take the training wheels off. You are a grown-ass woman. Who would use training wheels at your age? Besides, that is a man's bike pictured, even with the basket of flowers. You aren't fooling us in the blog-o-sphere! Stay on your tricycle sweet cheeks. Bike blogs are tough to write. Oh wait, you mean this isn't a bike blog? Oh, ummmm, nevermid. Good luck with the cooking stuff then! ;)

    1. Annnnndddd the haters gonna hate! Also, women can ride men's bikes. Also, some men like flowers in their baskets. Who are you to judge, Judgey McJudgerson? Thanks for visiting my little blog, Roman. Come back often! ;)

    2. Oh, so you one of them "women can do anything men can do better" types, huh? Try writing YOUR name in the snow! :) As for your cooking blog, I'm diggin it! I like food. A lot. Even when women cook it for me! Especially when you cook it for me! So write on, woman. See if you can hang with the big boys! And I will judge it fairly!!!

    3. Challenge accepted, big boy!