Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Getting up the nerve to go live

This is blog entry #4 and I'm sitting here wondering when I'll get up the nerve to go public with this whole thing instead of it just being my own personal diary.

If you know anything about me, you'll know I'm a deadline-oriented person. Also a bit of a procrastinator - ok, a HUGE procrastinator - which is why I'm just now starting this whole blog journey about six years after I first started toying with the idea. So I guess I need to just set myself a deadline.

But the problem with self-imposed deadlines is that they are too easily moved for an endless number of inconsequential little reasons.

  • I don't have enough content yet! I need to write just one or two more entries. THEN I can go live.
  • I need to add visual interest. Gotta pick out photos to add, and THEN I can go live.
  • I need to talk to the Big Guy and make sure he knows I'm going to be talking about him.
  • Things are REALLY busy at work this week. I'll go live this weekend.
And my personal favorite...
  • It's not perfect yet.
Did I mention I'm also a perfectionist? Yeah. Totally.

For instance, I decided to start playing with adding free stock images to my blog. Like the one below. But you see what I have to put below the photo? Giant horsey attribution line. Gag.

It's not perfect yet.

Stock Photography: Homework Picture. Image: 223552
© Photographer: Johnlric | Agency:

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