Saturday, July 27, 2013

None of their damn business

I know I want to make a go of this whole blog thing, but I'm struggling to find my niche. Do I want to be just another recipe blog? No. But is anyone interested in reading about my hum-drum daily life? And do I really want to put all that out there anyway? No and no.

So I started trolling blogs on BlogHer for inspiration. I found something interesting while there. Something that strikes a nerve with me and I find constantly irritating me in myriad places - from magazines to television to, now, blogs. There are nine sub-categories under the "Family" heading. Not one is for DINKs (that's "double income, no kids") or otherwise childless (by choice or otherwise) couples. However, under "Work/Life" there is a Childfree sub-category. I think, great! Until I start scanning the posts there. Over half of them are from either parents talking about childfree couples, singles, people who've lost their children, or people who are currently childfree but are completely focused on trying to have children. Then, about 75% of the remaining half are trying to defend their position as childless by choice because of the near-constant vilification of DINKs by the parent crowd. ARGHHHH!! 

So maybe my niche is DINKs in the Kitchen? I dunno. What I do know, though, is that this is a minority that needs to start standing up for itself. We need to start providing resources for others like us, and we need to make the parent population out there understand that childfree couples are not deficient or cold or selfish or pitiful or secretly envious of them. We simply choose to live a different lifestyle than they do and we wish to do so without judgment from others...because it's none of their damn business why we live this lifestyle. Sometimes it's a conscious choice and other times it's not. But it is always, first and foremost, none of anyone else's damn business.

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